Engineer Your Talks: Brainstorming Talk Ideas Workshop

You've decided you want to give a talk.

But you don't know what to talk about.

You don't understand how to identify an interesting topic others want to learn more about.

You don't know where to start.

That's what the Engineer Your Talks: Brainstorming Talk Ideas Workshop is for!

In this interactive workshop, you'll learn how to approach coming up with talk ideas by applying an engineering mindset. You'll get familiar with a few models and frameworks to brainstorm possible ideas in a structured way, that you can replicate any time. You'll understand how to iterate on your ideas and your brainstorming process.

When: July 30th 18:00-19:30 GMT

Where: Online using Butter

Given the interactive element, this workshop is limited to only 20 attendees.

What you’ll learn:

In this 90-minute workshop, I'll take you through my 4-step RRRR framework to brainstorm talk ideas. You learn how to:

  • Refactor your mindset: You'll get familiar with techniques to get into the right mindset for coming up with new ideas.
  • Reflect on what you know: You'll explore what questions to ask yourself to discover the best topics for you. You'll be equipped with a toolbox of prompts to use and deep dive further.
  • Refine your ideas: You'll identify which of your talk ideas to prioritise and refine further. You'll learn how to flesh out an idea and make it more focused.
  • Review your process: You'll learn how to review your brainstorming process, and iterate and evolve it in a way that works for you.

This is an interactive workshop with self-reflection exercises, breakout room discussions and a Q&A. You'll get practical exercises to put techniques immediately into practice and have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with fellow workshop attendees.

Why work with me?

I specialise in 1:1 speaker training and coaching tailored specifically for engineers and engineering leaders. I have over a decade of experience as both an international conference speaker and engineering leader, and over those years, I have helped many others improve their talks. I understand tech audiences and can help you create talks that will have a lasting impact on them.

I've previously worked at companies such as the Wikimedia Foundation and FutureLearn, where I focused on improving engineering management skills and practices and creating an internal engineering culture of learning. I’ve led on building outreach and evangelism initiatives, to get teams teaching each other and sharing what they know within the company as well as the wider tech community.

What does it cost?

Normally my 1:1 coaching programs begin at £1500.

This workshop is only £199 £79 (early bird discount).

And it's limited to only 20 people!

Are you ready to kickstart your speaker journey?

Do you want to feel confident and prepared for your talk?

Would you like to learn repeatable techniques to help discover your ideal talk topics?

Sign up for the Engineer Your Talks: Brainstorming Talk Ideas workshop for July 30th 18:00 GMT now!

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Refund and cancellation policy

As a small business, I have a non-refundable policy to ensure that the costs are covered and the ongoing viability of the workshops is protected.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you can’t attend a workshop, I can offer a transfer to the same workshop on a future date.

Should I need to cancel the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances, I will aim to give you as much notice as possible of the cancellation, and provide an alternative date or a full refund.