Melinda Seckington is an engineering leader, international conference speaker, experienced blogger and event organiser.

Contact: melinda@seckington.com

She has over 10 years experience of working with and managing teams of developers & managers and building an engineering culture as a founding team member. She's led on many management projects, introducing & improving processes to allow engineers to progress and grow, such as career development frameworks, goal setting guidelines, and hiring & onboarding improvements.

She specialises in setting up outreach and learning initiatives, since this is key in growing the skills of engineers, retaining engineers and making it easier to hire. She loves encouraging teams to share what they know through blogging, speaking & volunteering and providing them with the skills and structures needed to do so.

She's been the editor of her own blog (MissGeeky.com) for many years, and has been the editor for multiple company blogs, providing content reviews, proofreading and overall content strategy. She was also the founder of an events company (Geeks of London) organising community tech events like hackathons and BarCamps in the UK.

Since 2013, she has been an international conference speaker, covering topics like good management practices, building internal evangelism & learning initiatives and becoming a better speaker.

Melinda is available for consulting work and speaking gigs. She can provide public speaking coaching, slide design & talk workshops, as well as help with any engineering management challenges.

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