LeadDev & StaffPlus 1:1 Speaker Coaching

You’re excited about speaking at LeadDev/StaffPlus.

But you’re feeling nervous about speaking in front of that many people. You’re still in the process of putting your talk together, and you’re trying to figure out what story exactly to tell. You're trying to choose what topics to focus on and what the audience would like to hear about. You feel unprepared.

I can help with that.

I’ve worked with past speakers to create the most impactful versions of their talk. I’ve helped them become more comfortable and effective speakers. Let me help you feel confident, prepared and ready to deliver your LeadDev or StaffPlus talk.

You're here because you...

... want to give the best talk you could at LeadDev or StaffPlus.

... want to feel confident and prepared.

... want to understand the audience better.

... want to improve your story flow.

... want you and your talk to be remembered.

Giving a talk isn't easy. There's a lot to prepare for and to keep in mind when putting your talk together.

My 1:1 speaker coaching program is designed to fit your needs and goals, with dedicated support and guidance to help you refine your speaking skills and make a lasting impact. I offer practical advice and feedback on all aspects of your talk, ranging from slide design to story structure, from delivery techniques to timing strategies.

Combining my experience in storytelling and engineering, I help you create the best version of your talk.

Why work with me?

I specialise in 1:1 speaker coaching tailored specifically for engineering leaders. I have over a decade of experience as both an international conference speaker and engineering leader, and over those years, I have helped many others improve their talks.

I've attended every single LeadDev London, and have spoken 3 times myself. I've been on the review committee. And I've coached previous LeadDev and StaffPlus speakers. I understand the audience and can help you shape a talk that will have the most impact on them.

What you’ll get:

  • 3x 45-min 1:1 coaching sessions:
    • Kickstart: Explore where you’ve got to so far with your talk and what your goals and key messages are. We'll discuss approaches to story flow, structure, content and slide design, and plan the next steps for your talk.
    • Improve: A tailored to you coaching session to make improvements in the areas you want.
    • Polish: Feedback on a full practice run, making sure that you’re ready and comfortable with your talk. We'll practice your delivery, timing and flow, and explore techniques to help with your nerves, confidence and pacing.
  • Access to templates to identify areas to refine and improve your talk.
  • Async Q&A support from me throughout the weeks leading up to LeadDev/StaffPlus.
  • Backstage support on the day of the conference, to talk over any last-minute changes, anxieties or challenges.

What does it cost?

Normally my 1:1 coaching programs begin at £1500.

This program is specially designed for LeadDev & StaffPlus speakers, with support leading up to the conference, as well as support on the day. And it's discounted especially for LeadDev & StaffPlus speakers to only £699.

Ready to make your talk memorable and impactful? Want to feel confident and prepared?

Reach out to me at melinda@seckington.com to book your coaching program.

Need something a bit different? Drop me an email and let me know what you're looking for.